Bagels New York style sourdough 3 pcs

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Nice chewy bagels cooked in molasses and then baked golden.  Plain, sesame, chia, caraway and salt and with everything (onion flakes, garlic flakes, sesame, linseeds caraway and salt)

3 reviews for Bagels New York style sourdough 3 pcs

  1. Amy

    Best bagels ever! I’m usually not a fan of bagels, most are either hard or not tasty, but currywurst meister bagels have me converted! these are the only bagels I will ever order. tasty and soft!

  2. Zyra

    My husband and I love it! These bagels will surely be a staple for our breakfast. So tasty!

  3. J Anthony Ilustrisimo

    These are the best bagels I’ve found in Manila. I say this as someone who grew up and lived most of my life in NNJ and NYC.

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