Authentic German all meat sausages and artisan breads

We only sell online, produce and deliver fresh upon order

Our Sausages

are made  only with with fresh, never frozen meat, no additives, no fillers, just pure meat and spices. No preservatives except cured and smoked meats because we have to for safety, but even then we are using German standards which means we are using about 1/20th of preservatives you would find in local sausages.

Our Breads

We make artisan German breads, pretzels and buns. Wood-fired oven, overnight  developed sourdough breads. Nothing but flour, salt, water and our special year-old sourdough.

Try also our new line of organic breads with flour from Germany 

How do I order ?  

You can order here on the website. Watch the video above. Or you can message us on Facebook (Currywurst Meister) instagram, Whatsapp or Viber +63 ‭(0919) 922 9607‬

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Do you have a shop where we can see the products?

We only sell online and deliver form our commissary in Makati 

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Where are you located? 

We are based in Makati at 1129 -A Tanay st That is our commissary from which  we deliver all over Metro Manila

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Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver all over metro Manila using Lalamove. We consolidate deliveries to keep the cost down.

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How do I pay?

We accept :

BDP, BPI, Gcash, Grab pay and COD


Andreas Maluche                           

# 004170284790


Lorna E. Cabarles:

#:  3076 2987 56

Gcash : 09562297501 A.xx M.

Grabpay: 09562297501

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Do you accept COD payments?

Yes we do but Lalamove is charging an additional P 50 for cash handling. Their limit is P 2000 above that we have to book a return trip. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to book COD deliveries.

The delivery guys, who have to advance the money to us first, would rather choose a different delivery.

If you don’t want to pay the extra P 50 you can always  choose to pay through Cash, BPI or BDO even at the time of delivery. Please send proof of payment

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If I order now when can you deliver?

We bake fresh to order. Please order the day before or before 8 am on the same day for nice freshly baked breads 🙂 

Sausages you can order any time and we can send right away, if we have stock.

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What are your Bestsellers?

Our bestselling breads are 5 grain sourdough, sourdough wheat and pretzel buns.

Our bestselling sausages are Nuernberger then followed by smoked bockwurst, coarse and fine bratwurst.

You can also see them all here .

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Are there preservatives and/or sugar in your breads? 

We don’t put any sugar in our breads (except Hefezopf, a sweet bread). Our freshly baked breads don’t contain any added proteins, enhancers or preservatives.

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Are there preservatives, fillers or additives in your sausages? 

Our sausages are made only with fresh, never-frozen liempo and kasim and spices. 

They have no fillers, no extenders no preservatives. 

We use small amounts of nitrates only in the smoked meats because we don’t want to kill our customers 🙂  

The amount of nitrite used is based on German standards which is about 1/20th of the local standard use and about 5 times as much as you would get from spinach. 

Smoked meats are: Smoked bockwurst, Pfefferbeisser, ham, bacon, tenderloin, Kaese Krainer and Hungarian. 

Sausages without preservatives are : Nuernberger, Coarse bratwurst, fine bratwurst, Thueringer, Weisswurst

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I am diabetic, can I eat your bread? 

We don’t put any sugar in our breads (except Hefezopf, a sweet bread). Sourdough bread may have a lower glycemic index than other types of bread, which means that it may have a slower effect on blood sugar levels. However, it’s still high in carbohydrates, which can raise blood sugar levels, so diabetics should still consume it in moderation.

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Are sourdough breads healthy? 

Sourdough means naturally leavened bread as opposed to bread that is make with commercial yeast. It takes longer to develop and rise and on the way develops a much richer flavor and partially converts the starches. The result is not only a tastier bread but it also has a lower glycemic index than regular bread. We also don’t use any sugar in our breads or andy preservatives 

The result is a delicious bread, made only from flour, water and salt.

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Do you have keto friendly breads?

Yes we have    Multigrain Almond flour Keto Bread 

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Do you have gluten free breads?

Yes we have :     Multigrain Almond flour Keto Bread   

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Do you have soft breads?

Yes we have several breads that are soft, like ciabatta, focaccia, french rolls and pan de Americano.

You can see them all here.

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How many of sausages are in a 500g pack? 

Nuernberger, Italian, Lamb  approx. 12 pcs / 500g

Smoked bockwurst, Coarse , Fine, Hungarian 4 pcs / 500g

Thueringer   approx. 6 pcs / 500g

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What is the Shelf Life of the breads and sausages? 

Sourdough is good for maybe 2 days in room temperature. ( we don’t use preservatives in our products) Buns and pretzels should be eaten the same day ideally, but they are all still good the next day if you toast  them first. Slice the bread and freeze everything. From freezer put in toaster oven and they will be as good as freshly baked.

Nuernberger, Thueringer, Coarse, Italian, and Lamb bratwurst are raw sausages and should be kept frozen. All the others you can keep for about 3 days in the fridge but better keep them frozen as well.

The breads are best eaten fresh, but you can keep the in the fridge for a couple of days or freeze them. As long as you toast them again they will be as great as freshly baked. 🙂

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Return and refund

We take great care in the production of our products. However, they are hand made by real people and now and then we mae mistakes. We will replace any products that will not reach our strict standards or refund you your money

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More questions? –  message me

on Facebook :

Currywurst Meister

on Whatsapp or viber : +63 ‭(0919) 922 9607‬

Thank you

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