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Esquire Philippine Feature

Nothing is possibly meatier and more packed with flavor than a well-made sausage. The cylindrical meat product, which comes in various flavors depending on its provenance and ingredients, is made using animal by-products that would otherwise end up in the bin. Even pork blood is found in some of the most beloved sausages, such as the boudin noir of France and the morcilla of Spain.

On our side of the world, the longganisa is a breakfast favorite, a beloved sausage best served with garlic rice and fried egg and dipped in spiced vinegar. With unique regional characteristics sparking rabid fandom from Filipinos who grew up eating different variations, the best longganisa is a list to make another day.

For now, we gather our favorite purveyors of the tastiest European-style sausages. These delis and restaurants are the go-to places for the meatiest and most flavorful links. 

Currywurst Meister

Artist Andy Maluche may be known in most circles as a visual raconteur, but recently his freshly baked German breads and preservative-free European-style sausages are what have been disrupting the food scene. He used to have a stall in Poblacion, but these days he takes orders through his website and has them delivered to your door. Once in a while, he does a pop-up, like a literal sausage and beer fest, where people can have their fill of his amazing sausage set: Maluche’s brats, schweinebraten, as well as smoked bacon and ham.