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The wood-fired oven sourdough bread has nothing but flour, salt, water and Andy’s special year-old sourdough, with natural leaven. Sourdough bread is easier to digest. It has lower sugar than normal bread. –  Janica Angeles Manila Bulletin

The Best Sausages in Manila: Where to Find Bangers, Wursts, and More

These meaty treats are certified to stuff and satisfy. 

Currywurst Meister

Artist Andy Maluche may be known in most circles as a visual raconteur, but recently his freshly baked German breads and preservative-free European-style sausages are what have been disrupting the food scene. He used to have a stall in Poblacion, but these days he takes orders through his website and has them delivered to your door. Once in a while, he does a pop-up, like a literal sausage and beer fest, where people can have their fill of his amazing sausage set: Maluche’s brats, schweinebraten, as well as smoked bacon and ham.

Your breads are soooo goood. I love them with nuts, sesame seeds, squash seeds and grains. I’ll try your other breads too.  – Dose Tacorda

“Your focaccia bread is really good” – Ana Ferreria

Hello! The bratwurst I got were the best ones I’ve tasted! Suer meaty, juicy and down right tasty!!! The bread was super soft and when I toasted slice, it had the perfect crunch! I am glad I came across your products!  – Nico Figueroa

Chef !!! It’s soooo good!!! I super love cheesecake but since more than a decade couldn’t find anything here I like. Too heavy too sweet and this one from you is perfect, just the way I like it!!! Not too sweet, light, tasty. And just delicious!!!! Mucho mucho lecker  –  Sharon Young