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Smoked Ham


Prepared with meticulous care, our dry-cured, hot-smoked ham boasts a unique process that captures the essence of local hardwoods like Mango and Talisay, resulting in a savory delight that stands apart from the sweeter Filipino hams. Whether sandwiched between slices of bread or sizzling in a pan, get ready to indulge in a ham experience that’s anything but ordinary.

A Symphony of Flavors:

Unlike the sweeter profile of traditional Filipino hams, our dry-cured, hot-smoked creation takes a bold step in a savory direction. Perfectly balanced and irresistibly smoky, each bite is a testament to the fusion of culinary artistry and local craftsmanship. 

Versatile Pairings:

This ham is not just meant for sandwiches; it’s a versatile delight that embraces various culinary adventures. Thin slices can grace your favorite bread, layered with your choice of condiments for the perfect sandwich. Alternatively, if you crave a crispier texture, fry it up to golden perfection, transforming it into a savory indulgence that pairs beautifully with eggs, rice, or your preferred breakfast ensemble.

Serving Suggestions:

Elevate your breakfast or brunch with the smoky allure of our ham. Sandwich it between slices of freshly baked bread, add a dollop of mustard or a spread of mayo, and you have a sandwich that’s a celebration of local flavors. For those who prefer a heartier meal, embrace the sizzle by pan-frying the ham and serving it alongside your favorite breakfast staples.

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