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What’s on the menu on Andy Maluche’s successful German sausage business

Andy and Currywurst Meister’s Prezilla

In 2016, Andy Maluche, a German who lived in the Philippines, decided to start a business. His first idea was to do a food truck since it is a booming concept in his home country. So, he designed and made his own food cart.

Andy’s first pop-up store was located in front of the Makati bar Heckle&Jeckle. Although it worked for a while, he was later prohibited to peddle in the streets. That led him to move to the Legazpi Sunday Market. There, he sold luxury eats like New Zealand mussels. Unfortunately, there was no market for it. Next in his entrepreneurial journey were buns, which also ended badly. Not long after, he transitioned to currywurst, a German street food, but he was asked to leave the flea market because someone was already offering the product.


Andy then decided to put up shop at Rockwell focusing on bread and sausages. He devoted his entire year studying how to make authentic German meat sausages through online research and by watching YouTube videos. Eventually, he opened a small stall in Alabang. Due to the pandemic, however, he was forced to close.

To adapt, Andy created his online shop called Currywurst Meister and, surprisingly, people started to order. In the beginning of the health crisis, Andy was booked out five to six days in advance. The orders got crazy that he couldn’t do everything, from production to the booking of deliveries, by himself anymore. “My wife saw the success and started to help,” says Andy. He even began hiring people around his neighborhood.

Schlachterplatte (butcher’s plate) 

A year ago, Andy was invited to open a restaurant on Balesin Island. “We supply the food, but we don’t run the restaurant,” he clarifies.

Curry Wurst Meister’s sausages and meatloaves are made with fresh meat and spices. They have no fillers, extenders, and preservatives, and are pure meat.

Andy’s initial success was hinged on his fellow Germans who missed their comfort food. His artisanal varieties of bread are what German children grew up having in bakeries. Pastries are keto, made from almond flour. Some have pumpkin, chia, and sesame seeds. The wood-fired oven sourdough bread has nothing but flour, salt, water, and Andy’s special year-old sourdough, with natural leaven. Sourdough bread is easier to digest. It has lower sugar than normal bread. Currywurst Meister also has Hefezopf, the only sweet bread on its menu. Some of the bestselling breads include the five-grain sourdough, sourdough wheat, and pretzel buns. All are baked fresh to order.

Almond bread

Currywurst Meister’s sausages and meatloaves are made with fresh meat and spices. They have no fillers, extenders, and preservatives, and are pure meat. The sausages are perfect for grilling, which brings out the best tastes. Smoked meats include smoked bockwurst, Pfefferbeisser, ham, bacon, tenderloin, Kaese Krainer, and Hungarian. The bestselling sausages are Nuernberger, smoked bockwurst, fine bratwurst, and lamb sausages. —Janica Angeles


You can buy all these products at the shop at City Club Alphaland, Makati. If you’re visiting Baselin Island you can check out the restaurant, or order directly through the website

—Janica Angeles